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List of published novels and essays


Sunrise – Das Tor zum Träumen
(The door to your dream)
Novel, Part 1 of Trilogy, Publisher: Acabus-Verlag, Hamburg, 2009


The story is starting with the message in a bottle Benjamin throws into the Australian sea and how it ‘returned’. Afterwards, a lovely teenage story of finding the first real love begins.Itall starts when Benjamin and Johanna meet for the first time in school, how they fall in love. There are ups and downs, misunderstandings … real teenager-life. The most serious problem causes Hanna’s engagement with Wolfgang. Will Ben and Hanna solvetheir difficulties and will they ever announce their love to be official?


Sunshine – Wo Himmel und Erde sich berühren
(Where heaven meets earth)
Novel, Part 2 of Trilogy,Publisher: Acabus-Verlag, Hamburg, 2010


Part 2 tells about the outstanding life Hanna and Ben lived since they have become a couple. They saw a lot of wonderful spots on their journeys around the world. They bought and renovated an old house – built in 1875 - and called it their little “Villa Kunterbunt” (Villa Colourful). Colourful was their life - no place for boring moments.

Both crowned their love it with a marriage. Ben’s proposal of marriage starts with a very romantic ‘kidnapping’. Then they planned and organized their outstanding wedding.For the reception they chosethe theme: “Around the world”. Their plans were to simulate a journey for their guests. They taped the sound of airplanes.Their waiters had to dress and speak like ‘flight attentands’.They decorated the ball-room like the interior of a plane. Every chair was equiped with seat-belt, amenity-kits (In advance they asked several airlines to support their dream and reception.A lot of them did!) Several weeks before, Ben and Hanna planned ‘stop-overs’in USA, Asia, Africa and South America. Afterwards they divided their guests into different travelgroups.The guests were asked to organize the stops by welcoming and congratulating bride and groom in the respective language. Later on they had to present special items of the country and an original song. It was an unforgettable day for all participants - and of course for Hanna and Ben. Afterwards both depart for their honeymoon: San Francisco, Hawaii and Las Vegas. In that moment, when they think they found their paradise, dark clouds appear at the velvet sky …


Sunset – Darum sehet die Lilien
(Consider the lilies of the field)
Novel, Part 3 of Trilogy,Publisher:  Acabus-Verlag, Hamburg, 2010


One year later Hanna and Ben move to Frankfurt, where Ben works for the HR department of a bank. They rent a flat, but they keep their little Villa Kunterbunt, too, for their weekend escapes. Johanna finds a job, too:She is HR assistant in a brand new five star hotel. Both live an urban and vivid life. But Hanna never gets used to living in the big city. One day Ben is offered a job in a University in their hometown Hachenburg. Hanna is so happy, because they are able to return home into their Villa Kunterbunt. When she finds a job too in a big health-insurance company everything seems to be perfect. But then, only one month later,Hanna is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a devastating message. Their lives step on a rollercoaster of different feelings: hope, sadness, fear, love, hope, disappointment, tears, hope, belief, hope, God, metastases, Jesus, love, cry, strength, blood, tumor, loss …



Civitas a. d. 1200 – Das Geheimnis der Rose
(The Secret of the Rose)
Historic Novel, Publisher: Acabus-Verlag, Hamburg, 2011


The Historic novel takes part in/around the year 1200. Heinrich returns as a crusader.He has a souvenir which is chased by the STRICT EYES OF GOD, an association which wants to collect and preserve all relicts, which are brought back by crusaders from the holy land. Several years Heinrich fought for his Christian idols, but now he only wants to get back home to his wife and son. Heinrich is the count of Hachenburg. Before following the demand of emperor Barbarossa, he and his brother Eberhardbegan to build a castle. Heinrich hopes his brother will fulfill their plans. Years later, almost reaching home again, he gets almost caught by three raiders from the Strict Eyes of God. But Heinrich escapes injured. When he reaches a gorge, he falls, unconscious, from his horse.Antonius, the sun of a miller, finds him and takeshim to his father’s mill.The whole family takes care of the stranger. When he recovers, he offers Antonius to accompanyhim on the last kilometers to Hachenburg.Heinrich promises Antonius will return with a reward that will help the miller’s family. Antonius follows Heinrich on the way to his new civitas. It does not take one day and Antonius gets stuck in his first real and dangerous adventure.The raiders are close and ...Civitas is a story that combines fiction and real story/people.In 2011 the book awarded for the Readers Price of Best Newcomers in Historic Novels on LOVELYBOOKS.de.


Die Allegorie der Bäume

(The allegory of trees)
Essay in anthology „Der König im grünen Gewand“

(The king in the green gown), Publisher: Christoph Kloft Verlag, 2013


Ein Brief für Albertine

(A letter for Albertine)

Essay in anthology „Albertine von Gruen– meine Freundschaft zu Johann W. von Goethe“

(Albertine von Gruen – My friendship with Johann W. von Goethe), Publisher: Ruldolf Grabowski, 2014